Iain Holmes's introduction to professional writing happened by chance. After presenting at the Air Medical Transport Conference a magazine editor invited him to convert his presentation into a magazine article. One article turned into many, and soon Iain was regular featured in their publication. As Iain developed as a writer, his passion for writing grew, and soon he found himself writing regularly for many different outlets. 

Iain's writing revolves around his hobbies, aviation, and horses and his profession, nursing. Iain is a certificated airman flying helicopters and single and multiengine airplanes. Growing up in England, Iain learned to ride horses at a young age. Iain has worked on the backside of the Saratoga Race Course, drove a horse and carriage on tours of Boston, and has played polo around the world. 

As a nurse, Iain has cared for his community in many settings;  emergency rooms, pediatric intensive care units, and even in the back of helicopters. Iain's love for nursing stems from his desire to help his community, both with medical ailments and their pursuit of wellness. 

Iain received his bachelor's degree in business from the University of Buckingham (United Kingdom), his nursing degree from Castleton University, Vermont, and his Doctorate from Yale University. He is eager to continue growing as a writer. 

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